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Fitness Training Expert ~ Personal Trainer~Fitness Pro Consulting ~ ACE Health Coach.

Health Coaching

Do these sound familiar?

"I don't know what to eat"
"I don't know how to eat healthy"
"i don't know how to shop for fresh food"
"I don't know how to track and count calories"
"I don't know how to interpret food labels"
"I don't know how to exercise"
"I don't know how to increase my fiber"
"I don't know how to lift weights"
"I don't know how to use machines at the gym"
"I don't know how to begin a walking  program"
"I don't know how to start"

Then you are ready to FACE IT TO CHANGE IT!

I offer many different health coaching packages depending upon your needs. You may combine my personal training with health coaching on a schedule that best fits your financial and health needs.

You will fill out a very detailed “Face it to Change it” questionnaire, then from there;

We will discuss your goals and desires to change your way of living in detail. We will strategically formulate the best path for you and we will set up a method of journaling, tracking and evaluating on a regular basis

We will create realistic, specific, manageable success steps that will lead you to your goals.

I will provide you with support on many levels and I will provide behavioral, physical and educational resources to implement your success

There will be no judgment or intimidation as I guide you on your path to good health.  I offer packages of five or ten sessions. 

1 hour complimentary consultation, no obligation!

Thirty Days of Health Coaching for $200

Here's what you get:

DAILY interaction with Sue:
Planning, modifying food choices  
Two email responses per day
One MyFitnessPal check-in per day
Two one-on-one meetings
One weigh -n per week
One hour free consultation

The cost breaks down to $6.60 / day
SEVEN days a week!

Books to consider: 

Michael Pollan's:  “Food Rules”, “In defense of Food”, “Cooked”, The Omnivores, Dilemma”.

 Michael Moss:Salt, Sugar, Fat”

Haylie Pomroy: The Fast Metabolism Diet”
(even though I don’t advocate diets, all foods are healthy.)

 Robert Lustig: “Fat Chance”


Apps and links to consider: this app allows you to track your food and through this app I can interact with you  this site offers great tips and information about making healthy food choices. Information about exercise and fitness tips

Local Pinole Businesses I support:

Renui Spa for excellent spa services.

I will help you get the results you want!

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